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Please note:

We will not use any random email addresses requesting you to transfer money to us. We will only use our company emails for communication. If in doubt, please contact Cyan Heart Ltd to find out.

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“Best quality First Aid training for all.”


Do you deliver the training at client's venue?

Yes!. We are flexible. Always clients can choose whether they like onsite training or in our training venue.

What is the minimum number to get the training at client's venue?

if you have 2 learners, we are happy to come to your venue

How long is the FAW certificate valid for?

FAW certificates valid for 3 years and need to do your requalification course before the expiry date of the current certficate. EFAW certifcate valid for 3 years. 

Do you deliver training online?

yes, we do virtual training, one of our trainers will be delivering the training via Zoom or Google Meet. Feel free to contact us for more info.

We promise the standard and satisfaction for the money and the time you spend with us